Jeff Pogue


I am passionate about both Entertainment and Content. Entertainment is designed for a passive experience. It is the streaming video that plays online or the television episode delivered by cable. Content is the entire entertainment consumption experience. The visual aesthetic, clickable buttons, the advertisement plan, and a designed approach to interaction. Much of Entertainment today is distributed via the internet and that immediately opens the door to make it Content. The internet is a two way street. Yes, viewers may choose to be entertained and enjoy a passive experience, but that is not the end of their options. I am working to build a future of Content that will vastly improve the end user experience. It is time to devise an entire ecosystem that will give the advertisers what they need, the content and entertainment producers what they need, the distribution partners what they need, and finally serve the end user what they desire.

I have some fundamental beliefs that are born of past years digging deeper and deeper into how to best solve the current dilemma of creating a viable online entertainment and content driven ecosystem. I have come to the conclusion that our audience wants to watch What they want, Wherever they want, in High Quality, For Free, and Without Advertisements. Well, it is a great place to start a negotiation. I believe the right company can answer eighty to ninety percent of that need and cover the gap with aesthetics, and attention to the user experience.

I am out to create the future of Entertainment and Content both.