Andrés Estrada


Andrés “Fikir Amlak” Estrada has been professionally involved in the music business for over 15 years as a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keys, drums) and recording engineer/producer.

In 2005, Andres established Black Lion Sounds, an independent record label based in Santa Cruz, CA that saw the release of several albums with artists from Brazil to Puerto Rico. Since 2011, he has become a regular in the European “sound system” tour circuit, frequently touring as an artist alongside the Imperial Sound Army from Italy.

Since 2012, Andres has scored video shorts and acted as musical consultant for the Los Angeles-based production company, Zoochosis.

For the past 2 years, Andres has been at ArDoMi Media Group, having branched out into Production Management and Creative Production, while continuing to produce musical compositions for Video. He is also active as a Brand Manager and Social Media Marketer within the company.